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This website contains a number of historical articles, photos, poems and information related to Kilbrin parish, located in the county of Cork, Ireland.

A portion of this website's content has been reproduced from the book 'Kilbrin Revisited' published in 1993 by Kilbrin Community Council (Reunion Committee) to coincide with the Ballygraddy/Curraghs National Schools Reunion.

Kilbrin Grotto

The Height Of Old Kilbrin

It was long ago I parted from my own dear native home

In searching for a living, far away I had to roam

Away from friends and neighbours that I often met with when

My childhood days were cradled on the Height of Old Kilbrin

On the day that I departed, just before I had to go

I looked down from the crossroads there to the lovely scene below

The homely tree-clad houses, and the kindly folk therein

I wished them all Good Fortune on the Height of Old Kilbrin

Complete Poem...

The parish of Kilbrin, once an independent parish, but now joined to the parish of Ballyclough, derives its name from an early church site or monastery namely Cill Bhrain, i.e. the church of St. Bran. Read more...

Kilbrin Church

The present National School, Scoil Eoin Baiste, stands in the centre of Kilbrin village, on an acre and a quarter site. Read more...

Kilbrin Playground

The story of the illustrious McDonagh McCarthy Lords of Duhallow belongs to the parish of Kilbrin and not, as is often claimed, to the town of Kanturk! Read more...

Kilbrin Community Centre


I love to be back on the winding old road

That runs through the hills of my childhood abode

Where the vale of Blackwater with splendour aglow

Unfolds a great carpet of welcome below.

There in the shadows for life we prepared,

Our troubles confronted, our small triumphs shared

With parents so loving, so generous and kind

To nurture and shape the awakening mind.

And Nan by the window with prospect to view

Kilbrin, Castlemagner and distant Gortroe.

Complete Poem...

Boetius Mac Egan (Baothnalach Mac Aodhagáin) was, according to local tradition, born in Knockagolig, in the parish of Kilbrin and barony of Duhallow c.1600. Read more...

Kilbrin National School

Hurling and Gaelic Football were played in Kilbrin in the last century. Records exist of a Kilbrin team which took part in a tournament in Dromtarriffe in 1892. Read more...

Kilbrin Graveyard

Fr. Cornelius Scully was parish priest of Ballyclough, Kilbrin from 1830 until his death on 28th January, 1857 in his 60th year and 34th of his ministry. Read more...

Take a look at Kilbrin parish in the year 1911. See the population counts for the various townloads in Kilbrin, the age profile of the entire parish of Kilbrin, the most popular forenames/surnames and some census forms of interest. Read more...

Browse though a collection of old newspaper extracts relating to Kilbrin parish, dating as far back as the 1880's. Read about Michael Davitt's speech in Kilbrin, a report of an unwelcome visitor to the area, and a strange burial that took place in the parish. Visit the Old News section.

Visit the Folklore section and read of hidden treasure in Kilbrin parish, the numerous Fairy Forts in the vicinity, and local cures that might raise an eyebrow or two!

Are you tracing your family history? Are some of your ancestors buried in Kilbrin? Take a look at the Graveyard Inscriptions and Church Inscriptions sections to view detailed inscriptions.

Kilbrin questions the Dáil! View some extracts from the Dáil debates related to Kilbrin village and it's surrounding townlands. Read more here.

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