Kilbrin Graveyard Inscriptions


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In the late 80's - early 90's, a complete listing of all the headstone inscriptions was made for Kilbrin Graveyard. The listings were sub-divided into three sections, namely Section A, B & C. The location of these sections are detailed in the graveyard map below. The listings are being provided here for anyone who is currently conducting, or planning to conduct, a family history search. It is hoped that this information will be beneficial in your research. By selecting the hyperlinks at the top of this page, you can view the inscriptions for the individual sections. When viewing an individual section, you can use your internet explorer's “Find On This Page” search option to search for names or addresses of particular interest.

*** UPDATE JUNE 2012 ***

The inscription listings have been newly updated for all headstones within Section B. This update includes graves which were previously missed when the previous listing was made, and also any inscriptions that have been added to new or existing headstones since then. A detailed map of all headstones within section B is provided to allow visitors to easily locate a grave of interest. Many thanks to Sheila O'Reilly (Garranmacgarrett) for the vast amount of work involved in updating the listings for this section.

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