Both and contains records of the proceedings at both the House Of Lords and the House of Commons. Some of the journals available on these websites date as far back as the early 1500's. Below are some extracts from these websites that specifically concern Kilbrin parish. The first three are petitions which were read out at the House of Lords. The remaining extracts are from debates held at the Houses of Commons.

Tithe System Of Ireland.

05 March, 1832

A petition from Fr. Cornelius Scully, Parish Priest of the Ballyclough and Kilbrin, was read requesting the Lordships "to put a speedy and effectual termination to the Tithe System of Ireland, which condemns the most fertile land to comparative barrenness; which, being ever present at all seasons and at all times in the homestead of the farmer, and in the scanty garden of the cottier, leaves no respite to the irritation which it provokes; a system too often producing a total derangement of social order, teaching the people how easily and successfully they can set the law at defiance, and proving to them that a foreign legislature is either incompetent or unwilling to redress their grievances; a system which, being unjust in its nature, and cruel and oppressive in its application, is the source of the most bitter animosities, the most deadly feuds and the most atrocious crimes; a system which, while it could not be endured amongst a nation of barbarians, is yet capable of reducing a civilized people to barbarism."

Kildare Street Society.

13 September, 1831

A petition from “Roman Catholic Inhabitants” of Ballyclough and Kilbrin, (names are not provided), was read requesting the Lordships "to withhold from the Kildare Street Society all and every grant of money for the Education of the poor of Ireland, and to vote the same to the Bishops and Pastors of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, who will be responsible to their Lordships for the sums which may be respectively granted them for the instruction of the people."

Parish Vestries Act.

03 June, 1830

A petition from the inhabitants of numerous parishes in Cork city and county, including the parish of Ballyclough and Kilbrin, were presented and read; reciting the Act 7 Geo. 4, c. 72, for the regulation of Parish Vestries in Ireland; and praying that the same may be repealed.

Fuge Estate, County Cork.

08 July 1909

Mr. Flynn asked whether the Estates Commissioners had taken any steps recently to secure the untenanted lands on the Fuge estate, Templemary and Garry-duff, near Kilbrin, county Cork, with a view to settling evicted tenants thereon and also of providing suitable allotments for the working labourers of Ballyclough, Kilbrin, and the adjoining district; had their inspectors recently visited these lands; had any offer of purchase been made by the Commissioners; and how did the matter stand at present?

The Chief Secretary for Ireland (Mr. Birrell): The Estates Commissioners have intimated the price which they would be prepared to advance for the lands of Templemary if formal proceedings for sale were instituted. The owner is not willing to sell at this price. The Commissioners notified their intention of acquiring the other lands referred to in the question under the Evicted Tenants Act, but the owner filed a petition, and the matter is pending.

Fuge Estate, Cork.

03 December 1908

Mr. Flynn (Cork, N.): I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether the Estates Commissioners have yet made any definite offer of purchase of the un-tenanted lands of Garryduff and Gurrane on the Fuge estate near Kilbrin, County Cork, and for the purchase of the demesne lands at Templemary, near Buttevant, with a view to the reinstatement of evicted tenants and the enlargement of uneconomic holdings, if so, with what result; and whether, in the event of the acquisition of these lands or portion thereof, the Commissioners will take all possible steps to give a preference in the occupation thereof to the families who formerly occupied and tilled them or to their representatives.

Mr. Birrell: The Estates Commissioners have published in the Dublin Gazette a notice of their intention to acquire the lands of Garryduff and Gurrane compulsorily under the Evicted Tenants Act, and have had the lands inspected with a view to making an offer for them. If acquired, the lands will be utilised to provide holdings for the classes of persons mentioned in the Act. No formal proceedings are pending before the Commissioners with regard to the demesne lands at Templemary, but the Commissioners have had an inspection made, and will intimate to the owner the price which they are prepared to advance if proceedings for sale are instituted. It is not possible to make any statement, at this stage, as regards the allotment of these lands if acquired.

Evicted Tenants on the Leader Estate

30 April 1907

Mr. Sheehan (Cork County, Mid) asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether the Estates Commissioners have received an application from Mrs. Anne Connell, of Coolmahane, Kilbrin, Kanturk, county Cork, claiming reinstatement as an evicted tenant on the Leader estate, at Currass; is the farm from which Mrs. Connell was evicted at present in the occupation of a planter named John Fitzpatrick; can he say whether this man has expressed his willingness to Mr. Vaughan, estates inspector, to surrender: the evicted farm on receiving compensation; what were the nature of the negotiations which passed between the estates inspector and Fitzpatrick; and will he state whether the evicted tenant's claim has been ruled on; and, if so, with what result.

(Answered by Mr. Birrell.) The Estates Commissioners have received the application referred to and have had the case investigated by their inspector. They are about to consider their inspector's Report, and in the meantime do not think it desirable to enter into details.

Kilbrin Evicted Tenant.

26 March 1908

Mr. Flynn (Cork County, N.) asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether the Estates Commissioners have yet taken any steps towards securing the reinstatement of Timothy O'Donovan, who was evicted from his holding on the Barry estate, Ballyvoe, Kilbrin, County Cork; are the Commissioners aware that this holding was visited in May, 1907, by Mr. Inspector Byrne; and whether, as the holding is now in the landlord's hands, the Commissioners will avail themselves of their powers under the Act of 1907 to procure the restoration of this tenant.

(Answered by Mr. Birrell.) The Estates Commissioners had the former holding of Timothy O'Donovan inspected in May last, and have decided that the evicted tenant's widow is a suitable person to work a farm. The Commissioners will in due course consider whether the case is one for the application of their powers under the Evicted Tenants Act.

Second-Term Judicial Rents.

18 June 1906

Mr. Flynn (Cork County, N.) asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he can state on what principle the Assistant Land Commissioners are now proceeding, in connection with the fixing of rents for the second judicial term, in respect to improvements made on the land by the tenants; whether they are still instructed to pay due regard to the section of the Act of 1881 which provides that rent shall not be chargeable in respect to improvements made by the tenant or his predecessor in title; has his attention been called to the case of Mr. Patrick Lynch, Curragh Kilbrin, on the estate of Dr. Barry, of Kanturk, recently heard, in which Mr. Corliss Bolster, ex-Land Commissioner, valued at £66 10s., whereas Mr. Commissioner Donavan valued at £84, being a reduction of only £4 a year on the first judicial rent fixed seventeen years ago; and whether, in view of the complaints by improving tenants of the action of the Assistant Commissioners, steps will be taken by legislation or otherwise to strengthen and make clear Section 8 of the Act of 1881.

(Answered by Mr. Bryce) I am informed by the Land Commission that in dealing with the question of improvements when fixing judicial rents the Sub-Commissioners are governed by the Land Law Act of 1881, and subsequent Acts, the rules prescribed under those Acts, and the numerous judicial decisions interpreting the law as to the fixing of fair rents. I have no information as to the particular case referred to, except that an appeal from the order of the Sub-Commission is pending in the case.

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